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Presentations - Assessing Liabilities and Funding Options

Objectives and Approach of Workshop
Michael van Aanhout, Facilitator, Stratos Inc.

Case Studies
Three case studies from jurisdictions highlighting challenges and best practices related to assessing liabilities and funding options

  1. Giant Mine Remediation Project
    Bill Mitchell, Indian and Northern Affairs
  2. Britannia Mine Remediation Project
    Barry Azevedo, Province of British Columbia
  3. The Rehabilitation of Ontario's Kam Kotia Mine
    Chris Hamblin, Province of Ontario

Panel on Technical Site Assessment

  1. Top Down Process for Mine Closure Planning
    Daryl Hockley, SRK Consulting;
  2. Significant Engineering Failure Risk
    John Brodie, Brodie Consulting Ltd.

Panel on Accounting and Reporting on Liabilities

  1. Risk-Based Accounting for Cleanup Liabilities
    David Gladwin, David Gladwin and Associates
  2. Environment Liabilities of Mines: Accounting and Disclosure Issues
    Alan Willis, Alan Willis and Associates

Panel on Perspectives on Assessing Community and Health Impacts

  1. Perspectives on Assessing Community and Health Impacts
    Christopher Ollson, Jacques Whitford
  2. Safe Environments Programme
    Mark Richardson, Health Canada
  3. Reducing the Uncertainty
    Jim McGeer, Natural Resources Canada
  4. Arsenic Exposure Study for Falconbridge
    Chris Wren, C. Wren and Associates Inc.

Funding Approaches: Orphaned and Abandoned Mines
Joseph Castrilli, Barrister and Solicitor

Panel on Funding Options

  1. Funding Options
    Joseph Castrilli, Barrister and Solicitor
  2. The Polluter Pays Principle
    Justin Duncan, Sierra Legal Defence Fund
  3. Risk Financing for Mine Closure Liabilities
    Paul Fitzgerald, RM Solutions
  4. Funding Models: A Government Perspective
    Christine Kaszycki, Province of Ontario