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Présentations - les meilleures pratiques

Discours liminaire
  1. Orphaned and Abandoned Mines: In Pursuit of Best Practice
    Paul Younger
    , Newcastle University, UK
Établissement des priorités
  1. Managing Risk in the Northern Contaminated Sites Program - Michael Nahir, Affaires Indiennes et du Nord Canada
  2. Risk Assessment at East Kemptville
    Maxine Wiber, BHP-Billiton Base Metals
  3. Condition and Hazard Evaluation of Crown-Owned Inactive Mine Sites in Manitoba
    Caius Priscu
    , AMEC Earth & Environmental
  4. Uncertainty and Risk in Reclamation Bonds - An Alaskan Example
    David Chambers,
    Center for Science in Public Participation
Mobilisation du public et renforcement des expertises
  1. Community-Based Decisions and Setting Priorities in Abandoned Mine Remediation
    Sue Moodie, CCSG Associates
  2. Deloro Minesite Cleanup - Community Involvement and the Role of the Media
    Louise Livingstone, The Community Press
  3. Restoring the Tsolum River to its Historic Levels of Health and Productivity - Father Charles Brandt
  4. Northern Public Engagement and Capacity Building
    Chris Pac
    i, Deep Consulting Inc.
  5. A Short History of Community Involvement in the Issue of Mine Abandonment in Canada
    Joan Kuyek, Mines Alerte Canada
  6. Faro Mine Closure – A Community Perspective
    Kathlene Suza, Ellie Marcotte, and Stephen Mead, Gouvernement du Yukon
Approches en matière de partenariats
  1. Rehabilitating Abandoned Mines in Canada
    W.R. Cowan,
    Cowan Minerals Ltd.
  2. Jurisdictional Updates British Columbia
    Gregg Stewart, Province de la Colombie-Britannique - Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
  3. Manitoba Orphaned & Abandoned Mine Sites Program
    Ernest Armitt
    , Province du Manitoba - Science, Technology, Energy and Mines
  4. The Rehabilitation of Ontario’s Abandoned Mines
    Cindy Blanchard-Smith
    , Province de l’Ontario – Ministère du Développement du Nord et des Mines
  5. Rehabilitation of closed mines - Some Quebec Partnership Cases
    Louis Bienvenu
    , Province de Québec - Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune
  6. United Keno Hill Mine Closure – A Partnership Approach
    Hugh Copland, Gouvernement du Yukon - Energy Mines and Resources
  7. The Churchill Copper Partnership
    Garry Davies
    , Teck Cominco
  8. Tourism - A Viable Option for Abandoned Mines?
    Peter Whitbread-Abrutat,
    Post-Mining Alliance, Eden Project
  9. Cooperating on Giant Mine Remediation
    Bill Mitchell
    , Giant Mine Remediation Project, Affaires Indiennes et du Nord Canada
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