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Jurisdictional Legislative Review Task Group


Complete guidelines for jurisdictional legislative reviews with respect to collaboration, liability and funding to ensure that approaches across jurisdictions are consistent, certain, transparent, coordinated and efficient.


The Task Group drafted the document "Guidelines for Legislative Review" (2004) wherein a series of guidelines, and a checklist with associated questions, were developed to facilitate a focused review of the legislative/regulatory/policy frameworks as it applies to orphaned/abandoned mines sites across Canada. This checklist was intended to provide a consistent approach to the completion of a review of existing legislation and related policies and practices that relate to orphaned/abandoned mine sites as well as contaminated and operating sites if there is demonstrated relevancy to legacy issues. The framework set out in the "Guidelines to Legislative Review" was addressed in preparation of the "Report on the Legislative, Regulatory, and Policy Framework Respecting Collaboration, Liability, and Funding Measures in relation to Orphaned/Abandoned, Contaminated, and Operating Mines in Canada" (Castrilli 2006). A consultative process with the various jurisdictions was undertaken to ensure that existing legislation, policies and practices were identified and verified. A synthesis of the jurisdictional analysis was completed that included an assessment of gaps, limitations, barriers and opportunities, along with a summary of observations. .
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