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Présentations - perspectives sur l'évaluation des risques

Discours liminaire

  1. Use of Risk Assessment to Manage Orphaned and Abandoned Mine Sites
    Beth Power, Azimuth Consulting Group

Panel d'ouverture

  1. Why Conduct / Believe Risk Assessment?
    Peter Chapman, Golder Associates
  2. Abandoned Mines - Doing Nothing is not an Option
    Chief Glenn Nolan, Missanabie Cree First Nation
  3. BC Ministry of Environment's Approach to Mine Site Risk Assessment and Risk Management under the Environment Management Act
    John Ward, Province de la Colombie-Britannique - Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
Évaluation du risque pour la santé humaine
  1. Human Health Risk Assessment at Federal Contaminated Sites: Northern Mines
    Sanya Petrovic, Santé Canada
  2. Meaningful Exposure Assessment
    Mike Dutton, Vale Inco
  3. Towards a New First Nations Framework for Human Environmental Health Impact Assessment
    Laurie Chan, University of Northern British Columbia
  4. Orphaned, Abandoned and Closed Mines: BC Community Perspectives
    Amy Crook, Centre for Science in Public Participation and Margo French, Takla Lake First Nation
  5. Bioavailability of Contaminants from Soil and Tailings: Can it be included in a Risk Assessment? Should it be included in a Risk Assessment?
    Mark Richardson, Risklogic Scientific

Évaluation du risque écologique

  1. Maximizing the Effectiveness of ERA: Know Your Goals and Act Accordingly
    Stella Swanson, Swanson Environmental Strategies
  2. Numbers versus What we see
    Bill Duncan, Teck Cominco
  3. Ecological Risk Assessments: Probabilities and Mushkegowuk Realities
    Jennifer Simard, Mushkegowuk Environmental Research Council

Évaluation du risque géotechnique/du risque pour la sécurité

  1. To Explore and Understand the Different Perspectives Related to the Risk Assessment Process at Orphaned and Abandoned Mines
    Iain Bruce, BGC Engineering
  2. Managing Risk at the Former Kerr Addison Mine in North-Eastern Ontario
    Stan Kaczmarek, Province de l'Ontario - Ministère du Développement du Nord et des Mines
Études de cas : perspectives
  1. Étude de sols Sudburois, ON
    1. Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment - A Case Study in Science, Process and Perception
      Christopher Wren, AECOM
    2. Sudbury Soils Study - Industry Perspective
      Glen Watson, Vale Inco
    3. Relations of Risk's Definition and (Potential) Definitional Struggles: The Sudbury Soils Study
      François Dépelteau, Laurentian University
  2. Lynn Lake, MB
    1. An Ecosystem Risk-Based Approach to Managing an Abandoned Tailings Management Area. Lessons Learned in the Lynn Lake ETMA Case Study - The Consultant's Perspective
      Mike McKernan, Tetres
    2. Rehabilitating the East Tailings Management Area - Lynn Lake, Manitoba. The Company's Perspective
      Norman Brandson, N2B and Earthwise
  3. Yankee Girl, C-B
    1. Part 1 - Yankee Girl Tailings Remediation Project, Ymir BC.
    2. Part 2 - A Perspective on Risk Assessment: Regulation/Objective Setting;Technical; Community
      Mark Tinholt, SNC-Lavalin
    3. Yankee Girl - Thoughts on Remediation and Risk Assessment
      Gerry Nellestijn, Salmo Watershed Stream Keepers Society