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Advisory Committee


The National Orphaned/Abandoned Mines Advisory Committee was struck in March 2002 at the request of Canadian Mines Ministers that a multi-stakeholder advisory committee be set up to study various issues and initiatives relating to the development of partnerships in the implementation of remediation programs across Canada.

The Advisory Committee takes direction from Mines Ministers and reports back to Mines Ministers via the Intergovernmental Working Group on the Mineral Industry (IGWG).

Responsibilities of the NOAMI Advisory Committee include:

  1. Providing strategic direction and implementing Action Plans endorsed by Mines Ministers at their annual conference;
  2. Preparing status reports and recommendations for Mines Ministers;
  3. Reviewing and adopting status reports and recommendations received from Task Groups;
  4. Developing an annual work plan for the Initiative and tracking progress;
  5. Securing funding for the Initiative;
  6. Establishing Task Groups and approving funding for Task Group activities;
  7. Reviewing and approving publications, documents and information generated by the Initiative for internal/external distribution;
    Assisting in technology transfer activities;
  8. Ensuring that correspondence between members of the Advisory Committee, as well as outside experts (i.e., contractors), is copied to the Secretariat.

The Advisory Committee consists of representatives of federal/provincial/territorial governments, the Canadian mining industry, environmental non-governmental organizations and Aboriginal peoples and their communities. Committee members are responsible for communication with their constituencies. Members include:

  1. Robert Holmes - Yukon Government, Chair
  2. Gregg Stewart - Province of British Columbia, Vice-Chair
  3. Christine Kaszycki - Province of Ontario - Past-Chair
  4. Tracy Anderson, Inmet Mining
  5. Cindy Blancher-Smith, Province of Ontario
  6. Johanne Cyr, Province of Québec
  7. Chris Doiron, Environment Canada
  8. Bernarda Elizalde, Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada
  9. Elizabeth Gardiner, The Mining Association of Canada
  10. Ramsey Hart, MiningWatch Canada (Canadian Environmental Network)
  11. Charlene Hogan, Natural Resources Canada, Secretariat
  12. Diane Howe, Province of British Columbia
  13. Lise-Aurore Lapalme, Natural Resources Canada
  14. Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch (Canadian Environmental Network)
  15. Doina Priscu, Province of Manitoba
  16. Rick Schwenger, XStrata Zinc
  17. Lou Spagnuolo, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  18. Adrianna Stech, Ontario Mining Association
  19. Gilles Tremblay, Natural Resources Canada, Secretariat