Mines Ministers

The Annual Mines Ministers’ Conference is an opportunity for the federal, provincial and territorial mines ministers and mining stakeholders to discuss and plan for the future of mining in Canada. The conference helps to ensure that the benefits of mining are realized in every province and territory, and that opportunities for Canadians in mining continue to grow, now and in the future.

At the Mines Ministers’ Conference, September 2001 the Ministers agreed on the importance of a large-scale program for the rehabilitation of orphaned/abandoned mines sites. The National Orphaned/Abandoned Mines Advisory Committee was established upon their request that a multistakeholder Advisory Committee be set up to study various issues and initiatives relating to the development of partnerships in the implementation of remediation programs across Canada. The Advisory Committee takes direction from the Mines Ministers and report backs annually at the Mines Ministers’ Conference, via the Intergovernmental Workshop Group (IGWG) Secretariat.

NOAMI-related Action Plans and Status Reports (published up to 2006):