Information Gathering/Inventory


To develop capacity for a national inventory of active, closed and orphaned/abandoned mine sites based on compatible inventories in each province and territory, including an acceptable system for categorization and priority ranking. To include agreed upon definitions and terminology as applied to orphaned/abandoned mine sites.


The report Capacity Building for a National Inventory of Orphaned/ Abandoned Mines in Canada (Cal Data Ltd., 2005) reviewed Canadian, US and international efforts to inventory orphaned/ abandoned mines. Recommendations were made for an inventory that would include all inactive mineral sites, is web-based and has a map interface. The system would act as a portal National Inventory - Mapto existing inventories maintained within the provinces, territories and federal agencies. Use of a map interface would allow ease of use without expert knowledge of inventory data systems.

Work is progressing to incorporate mineral site features into the existing NOAMI database and web portal.

The national inventory is expected to be launched and publicly accessible in 2015.