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Orphaned and Abandoned Mines: A Workshop to Explore Best Practices October 2006

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Orphaned/Abandoned Mines Workshop - June 2001

Workshop Attendees

Dr. Anthony Andrews, Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)

John Barr, Supervisor, Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy

Ken Black, Director, Health, Safety & Environment, North Americas, Billiton Base Metals

Barry Briscoe, Manager, Manitoba Division, Environmental Protection Branch, Environment Canada

Linda Byron-Fortin, Environmental Coordinator, Kidd Mining Division, Falconbridge Limited

Laura Calm Wind, Executive Director, Windigo First Nations Council

Scott Clausen, Advisor, Environmental Assessment & Project Facilitation, Minerals and Metals Sector, Natural Resources Canada

Wayne Cluskey, Principal, Office of the Auditor General of Canada and Commissioner of the Environment

Alan G. Colodey, Industrial Programs Head, Environmental Protection Branch, Pacific and Yukon Region, Environment Canada

Ross Conner, Supervisor, Environmental Systems, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited

Hugh Copland, Engineer of Mines, Mining Land Use, Mineral Resources Directorate, Yukon Region, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

W.R. (Dick) Cowan, Director of Mine Rehabilitation, Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Lois Craig, Assistant Deputy Minister, Yukon Government

Jean Dionne, Engineer, Ministère des Ressources naturelles du Québec

Audie Dulewich, Mayor, Town of Lynn Lake

W. Wayne Fraser, Director, Environment, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited

Elizabeth Gardiner, Vice President, Technical Affairs, The Mining Association of Canada

Serge Ashini Goupil, President, Ashini Goupil

Gerald Harper, President, Gamah International Limited

Dan Hemsworth, Contaminated Site Management Specialist, Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour

Ed Huebert, Executive Vice-President, Mining Association of Manitoba Inc.

Tom Hutchinson, Professor, Environment & Resource Studies, Trent University

David J. Hutchison, Contaminated Sites Division, Technology Transfer Branch, Environment Canada

Sarah Johnnie, Board Member, MiningWatch Canada

Donald S. Jones, Director, Mineral Management, Nova Scotia Natural Resources, Minerals and Energy

Christine Kaszycki, Assistant Deputy Minister, Mineral Resources Division, Manitoba Industry, Trade and Mines

Heather Kleb, Senior Program Officer, Mining Standards, National Office of Pollution Prevention, Minerals and Metals Division, Environment Canada

Walter Kuit, Director, Environmental Affairs, Cominco Ltd.

Joan Kuyek, National Co-ordinator, MiningWatch Canada

Brennain Lloyd, Coordinator, Northwatch

Stefan B. Lopatka, Senior Advisor, Environmental, Water & Marine Management, Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated

Ken MacDonald, Inspector of Mines, Mines Branch, British Columbia, Ministry of Energy and Mines

W.O. (Bill) Mackasey, Director, WOM Geological Associates Inc.

Sam McEwan, Director, Mines Branch, New Brunswick Natural Resources and Energy

Robert L. McIntyre, Representative, Yukon Chamber of Commerce

Len Mandville, Mineral Development Geologist, Department of Mines and Energy, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

John Martschuk, Director, Environmental Services, Barrick Gold Corporation

Rodney McKay, Musselwhite Coordinator, Windigo First Nations Council

Bruce K. McKnight, Executive Director, British Columbia and Yukon Chamber of Mines

Sue Moodie, Yukon Conservation Society, CCSG Associates

D.E. (Dave) Nutter, Senior Advisor, Royak Oak, N.W.T. Region, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Kevin O’Reilly, Research Director, Canadian Arctic Resources Committee

B. Mark Podolak, Principal Analyst, Treasury Board Secretariat, Real Property Management Division, Treasury Board of Canada

Victor M. Power, former Mayor of Timmins, Ontario representing the Association of Mining Municipalities of Ontario

Chris Powter, Program Manager, Land Management, Environmental Science Division, Alberta Environmental Protection

Wally Rayner, Consulting Geologist, N.W. Rayner & Associates

Patrick Reid, President, Ontario Mining Association

John Robertson, Supervisor, Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Kent Santo, Environment Coordinator, New Britannia Mine

Carl Schulze, Resident Geologist, Department of Sustainable Development, Government of Nunavut

Rick Schwenger, Regional Reclamation Manager, Noranda Inc.

Richard Snider, Project Officer, Shield EcoRegion, Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management

Gregg Stewart, Senior Reclamation Geologist, British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines

Lisa Sumi, Research Director, Environmental Mining Council of British Columbia

Stephen Traynor, Director, Operations, Nunavut Region, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Gilles Tremblay, Manager, MEND3, Natural Resources Canada

Robert Tremblay, Engineer, Ministère des Ressources naturelles du Québec

Jim Vance, Group Leader, Environment Programs, CANMET Mineral Technology Branch, Natural Resources Canada

Bob Van Dijken, consultant, Whitehorse, Yukon

Sam Wallingham, Representative, Council for Yukon First Nations

Doug Walton, Head, Contaminated Sites Remediation Unit, British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection

Jared Whelan, Project Manager, World Wildlife Fund Canada

Maxin Wiber, Vice-President, Environment, Billiton Base Metals, Rio Algom Limited.

Edwin J. Yee, Senior Consultant, Toxic Chemicals, Manitoba Conservation


Ernie Armitt, Director of Mines, Manitoba Industry, Trade and Mines

Ben Edirmanasinghe, Chief Mining Engineer, Manitoba Industry, Trade and Mines

Gary Ostry, Manager, Minerals Policy and Business Development, Manitoba Industry, Trade and Mines

David Shefford, General Manager, Norman Regional Development Corporation

Ric Syme, Director, Manitoba Geological Survey, Manitoba Industry, Trade and Mines


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