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Task Groups

Various Task Groups have been established by the Advisory Committee to undertake indepth analysis of a variety of issues and to provide recommendations and advice to the committee. These include Task Groups on:

  1. Information Gathering/Inventory
  2. Community Involvement
  3. Legislative and Institutional Barriers to Collaboration
  4. Funding Approaches
  5. Jurisdictional Legislative Review

Responsibilities of the Task Groups include:

  1. To undertake specific activities, analyses and reviews as mandated by the Advisory Committee;
  2. To synthesize documents, studies and activities of the Task Group into a series of status reports and recommendations for review and approval by the Advisory Committee, in preparation for the Mines Ministers’ Conference in the fall;
  3. To ensure publications, documents and information generated by the Task Group undergo a peer review process by members of the Task Group and identified experts (as appropriate), and is acceptable to members of the Advisory Committee prior to release into the public domain;
  4. To manage projects, with proper financial accountability, and to report to the Advisory Committee;
  5. To oversee project completion, with assistance from the Advisory Committee and the Secretariat;
  6. To request, evaluate and accept proposals for work and manage contracts, with assistance from the Secretariat.